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Posted on July 27, 2010, 8:09 pm
By Michael James

Michael James here, now you might not know me but chances are if you are a motocross rider or racer and have read much in the past decade you have read something I have written. I covered National Arenacross racer and regional events for Cycle News, and MX East. I had a column for several years in MX East and did product reviews for several large companies: Boyesen Engineering; EVS Sports Protection; JB Grafix; The Rotater LLC, and KTM Sport motorcycles to name a few. I am a District level Amateur racer with a championship and race wins under my belt.

Like you, I am always seeking new and improved ways to improve my performance. Also like you I realize on track performance begin off the track with a dedicated training regime.

I have spent thousands over the past two decades of my motocross involvement and hundreds in my new found road cycling endeavors. I come across many products that claim to be the latest greatest and usually end up fairly disappointed. But once in a while, I also come across a product that does exactly what is advertised and surpasses my expectations. KONA/DBM Endurance supplements are such products.

While motocross racers are usually in very good shape, cyclists, even those who do not compete, are by necessity in excellent shape. I quickly found this out in the early stages of my cycling three years ago. A year into the cycling I met a fellow rider with some races under his belt. He looked to me like a Professional but he said he wasn’t. After riding with him I found the hard way that cyclists who are not in the upper echelons have much of the same speed as the guys you see on television, the difference being the Pros ride the same speed for over one hundred miles as opposed to 25-40 miles that most sportive riders and amateur racers ride.

Photo: Before Kona: 220 lbs.

After seeing way too much of this rider’s tush, I asked him how do I get stronger and faster like him. He laid out a training plan that seemed simple enough but insisted on a supplement regimen as well. Cyclists, tri-athletes and runners all have the knowledge that supplementation is primary key to extended endurance event performance. That’s when I stumbled on an ad for KONA supplements. I read that the founder, Darin Booten, was a pro tri-athlete himself. The science behind Kona, now named DBM Endurance, products seemed sound so I ponied up the money and sent it off. In a week I got the package and eagerly tried the first products.

DBM Endurance Pro and Citrabeta Shots come in human sized capsule form. The Endurance Pro supplement is basically three high potency ginseng roots from the high mountains of Tibet and similar places where the need to utilize oxygen is greater than at sea level. Endurance athletes above all others need to utilize oxygen more than anaerobic athletes. The Citrabeta Shots contain a product, citrulline maleate, which is clinically proven to increase endurance, reduce lactate acid (the enemy of all endurance athletes) and increase time to exhaustion.

On my first ride on the bicycle, I kept waiting for the products to “kick in.” It never happened; there was no energy drink type of rush followed by a hard crash in energy levels later on. What I did notice was that after a thirty mile ride, I didn’t feel the same way I normally felt. I wasn’t exhausted and ready to drop. I felt like I could’ve gone a few more miles. I passed it off as simply the power of suggestion. Post ride I also took the DBM Endurance Recovery power drink as prescribed and low and behold, the cramping and fatigued I normally felt the day after a ride of that distance and intensity was much reduced. Needless to say, several months into my KONA/DBM Nutrition use, I was getting faster and faster to the point where my racing buddy friend noticed the difference. I kept it to myself; even wanna-be racers want to have an edge.

Fast forward a year later and much suffering behind my UK friend, hills that would’ve tortured me in the beginning were now scalable and while I was not as fast as the racers, I was well faster than my old self. Looking back, the rapid rise in my fitness and speed was a direct result of the DBM Endurance products I had dutifully been using. I still kept it secret because now I was seeing verified results. The keys to the products effectiveness were the ability to adapt to the increased stresses I was putting my body through. The ginsengs I spoke of earlier in the medical world are called adaptogens. They allow the body to adapt to the workouts and nudge you closer to the next level. You cannot and will not want to work out hard day after day if your body is not adapting to the stresses. Steroids work in the same way by allowing rigorous workouts on a daily basis. DMB Endurance products are one hundred percent legal in all of the sport sanctioning body of cycling, track and field, triathlons and marathons.

Photo: After 1 year on Kona: 193 lbs.

Fast forward another year and my riding through the streets where I live had drivers in cars following me to see when I will get tired or slow down. Many have rolled up to me at traffic lights and asked, “Are you a professional, are you one of those guys on TV?” That’s a pretty cool compliment considering that I have not entered a road race at this point. While I feel I am now capable and strong enough to keep up with Cat 5 road racers, I will put that off until later in the year. The real gauge to me is seeing the faces of my UK buddy and the former champion racer who coaches him when they cannot drop me on anything short of a killer hill anymore. My typical speed on a flat roads now hovers between 22-26 miles per hour. That is close to Pro level cruising speed but as I said before, the Pros do it for over one hundred miles. I am able to do it for half of that before dropping off.

If it were up to me I would still keep the DBM Endurance secret weapon a total secret but some things work so good that you have to share them. It wouldn’t be sporting if I didn’t. Steve and Tony, aka “Obi Wan” and “Master Yoda,” have been very impressed lately and spare no opportunity to tell me I have come a very long way in a fairly short time. I owe a lot of this to a desire to ride as fast as I can and to DBM Endurance for allowing my forty-nine year old body to keep pace with my ‘twenty-nine’ year old ambitions.

DBM Endurance products are one hundred percent natural, safe and legal in the Tour de France as well. You don’t have to take my word for it; go the to see a host of champion tri-athletes, factory sponsored Pro-Tour cyclists and world class marathon runners who all use and endorse DBM Endurance products. Since I started using the products, I have lost a total of twenty seven pounds and I am still going strong. DBM Endurance products can be found on the web and on Facebook if you are so inclined. For me this of one of those products I will be using for life and no, they didn’t pay me to write this.

Every episode of The Lucas Oil motocross nationals some pro or the other is showing you that cycling is a huge part of their training routine and if Pro cyclists are using this stuff, there is a reason for it. Get your stash and see for yourself, your results will thank you and make sure you have room in your den, you will need it for the extra trophies you’ll soon be winning.

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